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Beer & Wine

We now have a 24-tap, self-serve craft beer & wine tap wall!

The beer and wine tap wall at Pizza Artista

And the best part? You can pour your own wine and beer! Just grab your wristband, grab a glass, and grab yourself some wine or ice cold beer fresh from whatever tap you choose! 


What's currently on tap at Pizza Artista?

  1. CanebreakHop 99
  2. Negra Modelo
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Two Hearted Ale
  5. Ghost in the Machine
  6. Jucifer
  7. Lemon & Ginger Radler
  8. Who Dat
  9. Dragons Milk
  10. Dos Equis
  11. Purple Haze
  12. Holy Roller
  13. Angry Orchard
  14. Sierra Nevada
  15. Crying Eagle Louisiana Lager

What's on the Wine List?

Select options of Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio

Now offering a self-serve, craft beer and wine tap wall at the Lafayette location only.
We will be changing out the flavors periodically. So check back often to see what's on tap!

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