1. Urban South Paradise Park American Lager
2. Gnarly Barley Catahoula Common Lager
3. Parish Brewing Co. Envie Pale Ale
4. La31 Swamp Thing IPA
5. Michelob Ultra
6. Ragin Cajuns Ale
7. Great Raft Brewing Co. Southern Drawl
8. Bud Light
9. Abita Amber
10. Angry Orchard
11. Parish Brewing Co. Ghost in the Machine
12. Gnarly Barley Jucifer India Pale Ale
13. Gnarly Barley Korova Milk Porter
14. Budweiser Copper Lager
15. Abita Andygator Ale
16. Crying Eagle Louisiana Ale
17. Great Raft Brewing Co. Reasonably Corrupt
18. Abita Purple Haze
19. Urban South Holy Roller IPA
20. Parish Brewing Co. Canebrake (wheat Beer)
21. Rancho Rodeo Pinot Grigio
22. Rancho Rodeo Chardonnay
23. Rancho Rodeo Cabernet Sauvignon
24. Ranco Rodeo Pinot NoirType your paragraph here.

We will be changing out the flavors periodically. So check back often to see what's on Tap!

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