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With more than 60 plus years of experience in multi-unit and single unit supervision within the pizza industry, our highly trained management staff are experts in quality, service, marketing, operations, and customer satisfaction!  

At Pizza Artista, our goal is to create value and make a positive difference . . . because we care. We want to guarantee that every guest is delighted with our staff, our service, and our product through excellence, integrity, and relationships.

Our Staff

Our State of the Art Oven

The secret of stone hearth cooking is the stone. The single-piece floor and dome of the oven are made from specially formulated high-temperature refractory ceramic. The unique construction method and materials produce a deep heat sink (storage) effect that guarantees floor temperature. A guaranteed floor temperature ensures consistent cooking zones and consistent product throughout the day.

From our made-from-scratch dough, to the fresh produce,  we are committed to giving our guests the best we have to offer. With our fire deck oven's ability to cook our pizzas in three minutes, once again, we have our guests in mind. Our quick speed enables those who are short on time to get in and enjoy a delectable meal within a few minutes! Our friendly staff is poised and ready to wow every guest! Our goal? We want Pizza Artista to be the standard by which all other pizza competitors are judged. Come join us for a meal and experience the difference!



‚ÄčIntegrity   Relationships

Committment to Excellence!