franchise FAQ

Q. What is the value of paying a franchise fee to Pizza Artista?

A. When you purchase a Pizza Artista franchise, you get more than just a name. You also get to take advantage of our experience within the pizza industry. The founders of Pizza Artista have more than 70 years of combined pizza experience in multi-unit operations.  Franchisees receives 2 weeks training at our training store and, 2 weeks training at their location. They will receive sight selection guidance and other services as well as access to our automated hiring platform for all their new hires and management, as well as  all our recipes, Operations Manual,  and all proprietary processes and procedures, as well as vendors.  Their location will then be added to our website and social media pages will be set up by us for their location.

Q. How much are the franchise fees with Pizza Artista?

:A. The franchise fee is $25,000. There are discounts for individuals that enter into an area development agreement.

Q. What is the initial estimated investment?

A. The total cost will vary depending on location and space size of the location. We recommend that the space size range between 2100 and 2900 s.f., plus, outdoor seating availability. Our franchise disclosure document states that the cost range is $372,000 - $626,000, this amount includes the franchise fee, opening cash, and an opening advertising budget.

Q. What about Equipment and Supplies?

A. Pizza Artista will help you with these. We have a vendors already in place.

Q. Does Pizza Artista provide Financing?

A.  While we do not provide financing, we do have excellent bank relationships with conventional and SBA institutions that may be able to provide needed funding.

Q. Do I need previous restaurant experience to become a Pizza Artista franchisee?

A. Previous experience is extremely valuable. If you do not have previous experience, having a manager/partner with experience is essential for single unit success. A critical component to your success is that you live within the trade area where you operate your franchise.

Q. How long does it take to open a Pizza Artista?

A. Generally, it can take between 60-90 days depending upon the extent of the buildout. 

Q. Do You have Ongoing Support?

A. Of course! With Pizza Artista, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. There will be weekly calls to go over key numbers and offer guidance and direction. There will be monthly, on site, operations evaluations, as well as support and guidance for social media marketing and local store marketing. At the end of the day, Pizza Artista is only successful if its franchisees are successful.

Q. Do I need to be involved in the operation of my Franchise location?

A. Either you, or another owner/partner which owns at least 10%, must fill the management roll within the store.