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3.  Do we really grate our cheese every day? 
Yes, we do.  We buy our cheese in block or wheel form and grate it each day. At Pizza Artista, we want to give our guests cheeses that contain no cellulose filler or other additives.  At Pizza Artista you can count on getting 100% whole milk mozzarella, cheddar, and smoked Gouda cheeses.

4.  Why does Gluten-free crust cost extra?
Gluten-free crust costs more because it is made with ingredients that are not mass produced.  There is also special handling and packaging for gluten-free crust in order to prevent cross-contamination. As a result, we pay a lot more for gluten-free and that cost is passed along to the consumer.

5.  Why does it cost a little extra for deluxe or premium toppings?

At Pizza Artista, we have nine out of our 70 plus ingredients that make up our deluxe and premium toppings. These nine ingredients simply cost a whole lot more to purchase.   Deluxe toppings are $1.25 extra and Premium toppings are $2.25.

6.  Can I add to or take off ingredients on the Signature Pizzas?

Of course! You can customize our Signature pizzas to your taste. Just remember that adding to a Signature pizza could change the price if you add a deluxe or premium topping or, go over the eight topping maximum.

7. Do you take call-in orders? 
Yes, we do!  Our oven cooks a pizza in about 3 minutes. Our menu and pricing is located on this website if you would like to design your masterpiece before you arrive:) 

1.  Is Pizza Artista a franshise?

Pizza Artista is a locally owned pizza concept that is now offering franchises.

2.  Do we really make our dough from scratch every day?  

Yes, we do.  We make our traditional and whole grain dough every day and age it to perfection so that our guests can have the very best in quality and freshness. There are no fillers or preservatives in our dough and we use unbleached flour for a Neapolitan-style crust.

Pizza Artista - Frequently Asked Questions